Instructions for Use –

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Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use 

We recommend that you take care of your hygiene according to the instructions below. Do not touch the mask with dirty hands or during use to prevent germs from spreading.

  • Before putting the mask on your face, wash your hands
  • Dress up your mask from sneaks on to your face
  • Avoid touching your face with your mask on your face
  • Wash your hands again before removing the mask

Wash Facemask 60°C in a washing machine or by hand, we do not recommend tumble drying. Wash the product separately from other clothing after each use. We recommend disinfectant used in washing. Please note that the product used may present a risk of infection.

You can also wash the mask in boiling water.

Material: 10% Elastane 90% Polyester
Country of manufacture: China