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FAQ and most asked questions

Welcome to the FAQ page of jewelry and sunglasses store Feebe! Here you will find answers to the most common questions and mind-boggling situations.

The terms of delivery can be found on a separate page.

Shipping and orders

How can I track my shipment?
You can track your order on the "Track shipment" page. You can access the follow broadcast page here.

How can I order products from the online store?
Click on your preferred product in the shopping cart from the online store. Go to checkout, choose a payment method, fill in your details and pay for your order.

What payment methods can I use in your store?
We use fast mobile payment methods offered by both Paytrail and Klarna, popular debit and credit card payments, and flexible invoice and installment services.

Is it safe to pay in your store?
Payment is very secure in our store and to guarantee this, we only use well-known and trusted payment processors.

Through which service do you send my order?
We will send the ordered products using the services of the post office.

I placed an order, when will I receive my product?
We ship orders very quickly and the customer receives the ordered products about 1-5 business days after the order.

Can I exchange the product I ordered?
Yes, you can, provided that the product is unused and in an intact package, replacement is possible for 30 days from your order. The customer is responsible for the postage related to the exchange. Contact us by email hello@feebe.fi with the subject "Exchange"

I want to return the product I ordered, what do I do?
You can return an intact and unused product back to us within 30 days of your order. Contact us by email hello@feebe.fi with the subject "Return"

How do I know if the product I want is available?
For each product in our online store, you will see a balance of the remaining products and a "sold out" information if the product you want is not in stock.

I would like to order a product that is out of stock, what should I do?
If we are missing the product you want from stock, you can contact us by email hello@feebe.fi and we will try to get more product.

Can I suggest you a specific piece of jewelry or sunglasses for sale?
Absolutely you can, Feebe's purpose is to serve customers and provide them with products they are interested in. If a specific jewellery or sunglasses model is missing from our selection, please contact us by e-mail hello@feebe.fi

Do you have a sales or pick-up point?
No, unfortunately we do not have a physical store. So you can't try sunglasses or jewelry before buying. However, our site is open 24 hours a day and we always have a 30-day money back guarantee.




Can I return my jewelry?
Products purchased from the online store can be returned within 30 days of receiving the product. The product must be unused and in its original condition. The postage for the refund is paid by the customer.
If you return the product, please also notify us by e-mail to: hello@feebe.fi.

What materials are jewelry?
We offer a diverse range of jewellery from different materials, such as silver, gold and stainless steel.

How do I clean my jewelry?
Cleaning depends on the material of the jewelry. In general, you can use a soft cloth or brush and mild soapy water. Be sure to avoid abrasive substances such as toothpaste.

How should I store my jewellery?
We recommend storing your jewelry in a jewelry rack or jewelry box when you are not wearing the jewelry.

Can I take a shower with a piece of jewelry?
Yes you can, our jewellery is made of quality materials and is highly resistant to water.


How do I find the right size sunglasses?
The product information for each of our sunglasses includes measurements from that model. Compare these to your own face to find the right size sunglasses.

What kind of lenses do your sunglasses have?
All of our sunglasses have polarized UV400 protected lenses.

What does polarized sunglasses mean?
Polarized sunglasses differ from non-polarized glasses in that their lenses remove reflections. Polarized glasses are therefore also popular for fishing, stand-up paddle boarding and sailing, for example, because the lenses remove reflections from the water surface.

Can sunglasses be ordered with intensities?
There are currently no sunglasses with intensities in our selection, sorry.

Can I return or exchange my sunglasses?
Yes, you can return or exchange your sunglasses within 30 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Remember that sunglasses should be unused and in their original packaging. The shipping costs of the return must be paid for by yourself.

How should sunglasses be stored?
Sunglasses should be stored in a protective bag or case to avoid scratching and other damage.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team by email hello@feebe.fi