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Does Facemask protect you from corona virus?

Facemask is not a proper protective equipment, or a certified respirator. Fabric and surgical masks do not protect the user from COVID-19 infection. However, masks prevent the spread of infectious droplets with exhalation or cough, and reduce direct contact with their own faces. A large number of carriers of the disease are asymptomatic individuals, so the use of masks can help to curb the spread of infection. Due to the current situation, it is good to avoid unnecessary human contact, but if it cannot be avoided, it is also a good idea to use the mask as an accessory. Please note that hand hygiene is still the most important thing.



During a pandemic, hygiene becomes even more important. Therefore, consider the following factors:

1. Hand hygiene

Take good hand hygiene and avoid unnecessary touching of the mask. On the mask collects moisture and droplets can spread through the fingers. Try to touch the mask only by the strapping slits. See the instructions below This.

2. Facemask is an accessory, not a means of protection

Be sure to take care primarily of hand hygiene and avoid unnecessary human contact. In addition, you can use an optional mask. Fabric and surgical masks do not protect the user from COVID-19 particles.

3. Respiratory resistance

The material between the face and the outside increases the risk of breathing, so a person with severe asthma or other respiratory failure should first talk to your doctor about the right option for him or her.