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Feebe Summer 2023 Fashion Tips

Do you plan to look even better next summer? No problem – you're in the right place. Below we have compiled a few tips for summer 2023 resident choices. I hope you're inspired, because summer fashion is in your hands after all.


1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses In recent years, we have seen the most extraordinary sunglasses trends and bold bets in fashion. Whether it's a little more retro or futuristic glasses, they take your outfit to the next level.

kesä 2021 muoti aurinkolasit

Check out Feebe's sunglasses here.


2. Jewelry never disappoints

There are certainly a thousand good reasons to wear jewelry, but here are a few of them:

  • Add character to your

  • dress Symbolism - what do you want to communicate with your outfit?

  • Small details matter

Or really, never mind! Add stylish jewellery to your selection, even without a single rational reason. It's up to you. Check out Feebe's jewellery selection here.

korumuoti 2022


3. Simple and stylish

"Keep it simple" works in this case as well. For example, try on an all-black outfit, and combine it with a few striking details, such as sunglasses , a necklace / pendant and, of course, stylish shoes.



4. You

The last summer 2023 fashion tip is that there are no real tips. Be sure to realize yourself, boldly! I hope you got at least a few ideas from this blog to start implementing.