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10 instructions - How to wear jewelry correctly?

Almost everyone of us has worn jewelry at some point in our lives and managed to do it perfectly without any instructions or advice. However, we have compiled a list of 10 guidelines on how to wear jewelry correctly. The list may include some useful tips that you can also try out in practice.

10 instructions - How to wear jewelry correctly?


  1. Avoid too much jewelry at a time. For example, if you wear large earrings, choose more restrained necklaces or bracelets.
  2. Make sure the jewelry matches your outfit in terms of size and color. Too large or small jewelry can disrupt the overall outfit, and the right size and color choices can make your outfit perfect.

  3. Do not wear jewelry while sleeping or showering. Jewelry can be damaged or soiled, and water can damage some jewelry materials.

  4. Protect jewelry from sunlight and moisture. In direct sunlight or humid conditions, jewelry can be damaged.

  5. Clean jewelry regularly. Cleaning depends on the jewelry material, so use the appropriate method. Find out the materials of the jewelry you use, as well as the maintenance instructions for that material. You can find information about the materials of our jewelry here .

  6. Store jewelry separately. Jewelry can scratch and damage each other, so keep them separate.
  7. Take off jewelry when using fragrances or hair care products. Products can damage jewelry, so avoid using them at the same time. First, get your hair and fragrance in order, and then finish your outfit with jewelry.

  8. Wear jewelry in the right order. For example, according to etiquette, a wristwatch should be worn above other bracelets.

  9. Wear jewelry confidently and enjoy their beauty. Jewelry can be a great way to express your personality and increase your self-confidence. Ultimately, only you decide how to wear your jewelry, be brave, be genuine, be you!


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